Whispers of Tradition

"Max Volbers (...) proves himself to be a recorder player of calibre who knows no technical limits: in terms of articulation alone, he offers a feast for friends of everything that is possible on the recorder. (...) he has a considerable instrument-specific and at the same time interpretative musical ability that goes far beyond this sphere in the narrower sense, which has rightly led him to (prize) heights at a young age." - Dr. Matthias Lange,
"For the concertos and consort pieces, Volbers invited like-minded colleagues; solo, he delivers circus-ready virtuoso art. The delightful way in which his legato playing in the Purcell Variations transforms into glissando, with all the intermediate steps, is supreme mastery." - Eleonore Büning (RONDO)
"With his tremendously colourful and virtuosic debut album, he does the very best advertising for his instrument.“ – Rainer Baumgärtner, rbb (album of the week)


With his debut CD "Whispers of Tradition" on GENUIN, recorder player Max Volbers presents "a stylistically very diverse program, with two concerti, a premiere, music with variable continuo instrumentation and consort. These are either the composer's own paraphrases, series of variations, arrangements, pastiche and so on - or, as in the case of the Dieupart Suite, arranged for the recorder by the composer himself. The piece "Please enter the Underground" was written by Thanos Sakellaridis for Elisabeth and me. What all the pieces have in common is a joy of discovery and a desire to create new repertoire for the recorder." Together with 11 musician friends and with a total of 26 different instruments - archlute, harpsichord, violin, viola da gamba and, of course, a wide variety of recorders - the winner of the German Music Competition 2021, who studied with Dorothee Oberlinger, among others, explores the possibilities of expanding the recorder repertoire and shows on the recording "in what different formations the recorder can act, and also what the roles are that it takes on."


Max Volbers | recorder & direction
Alfia Bakieva, Jonathan Ponet | Violine
Martin Schneider | Viola
Robert Smith | Cello, Viola da gamba
Axel Wolf | Erzlaute
Alexander von Heißen | Cembalo
Elisabeth Wirth, Felix Gutschi, Jonathan Volbers | recorder
Anne-Suse Enßle | Barockfagott & Blockflöten 
Arisa Yoshida | contrabass

Piotr Furmanczyk | Tonmeister & Video 
Theresa Pewal | Fotos